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Joining your Sendit and Office 365 emails


You may link your new K 12 account and your @sendit account so you do not need to log in with your @sendit account any longer.

To Join your accounts, visit

You will be prompted to log in with your K 12 ID, and then with your EduTechID. Once you have successfully logged in with both IDs it will verify that you wish to Jon the accounts together.

Also the first time you log into EduTech services with your K 12 ID, if you have not already done so, you will be asked if you wish to join your accounts.



What do you wish to do with your existing EduTech Email? It breaks down into three options:

Start over fresh and leave the @sendit account behind


This will eventually cause you to lose access to all of your existing email. If that is ok with you . . .


You don’t have to do anything to your email. It is simply important that you let everyone know about your new email address, including updating your other online accounts such as eBay, Amazon, Apple, Google, Xbox Live, online banking accounts, etc. ..


Orphan the existing mail but forward mail new mail to the new account


As in the previous example, you will eventually lose access to your existing email, however you can have any new mail forwarded to your new K 12 email address.


  1. Log into EduTech’s User Resources application (
    1. Click Email Delivery
    2. Click Specify a diff erent maildrop
  2. Enter your K12 email address and click Chan9e your maildrop

It will take approximately 15 minutes to update your email delivery options

You should begin notifying everyone of your new email address, including updating your other online accounts like eBay, Amazon, Apple, Google, Xbox Live, online banking, credit cards, etc. . .

Pro Tip: Create Mail Rules in your mail application to highlight messages sent to your @sendit email address. It will allow you to pick out mail lists you wish to unsubscribe from as well as people who need to be notified of your new email address.


Copy all of the existing mail to my new account and then forward

You may “Connect” your @sendit account to your Office 365 email account. 0365 will check your @sendit email approximately once per hour, brining over messages stored within @sendit. This includes all sub-folders. It is recommended that once you can verify that your @sendit mail has properly synchronized with 0365 email, you should follow the previous steps to forward your mail and Disconnect the @sendit account from  0365.


You may be notified that there are errors in Connecting the @sendit account to your K 12 account. This is not always accurate and may cause unnecessary stress. Or perhaps it is accurate and will cause even more stress. In our testing, this has a high incident of false positives for errors.

Furthermore if you delete messages in your @sendit account after they have been copied to your 03654 email, the 0365 email will not be aware that they have been deleted. In other words, once connected, leave the old account email alone.

Lastly, since it only checks your email once perhour,  your 0365 account will be unaware of the most recent messages in our @sendit account, which may cause issues with urgent messages.


  1. Log into Office 365 at, using your K 12 account.
    1. You may need to set your time zone and perform a few other functions the first time you log in.
    2. It may take several minutes before your account is fully functional.
    3. Click on the Outlook tab to enter your 0365 Webmail.
    4. Click on the “gear” in the upper right and select Options.
    5. In the Options screen, in the account section, click on Connected Accounts
      1. Click the “+” sign to add a connected account. You will enter your Sendit email address and Sendit email password, clicking Next with finished.
    6. Click Finish when prompted and after a few minutes, check your K l 2 email.


  • Not everyone will be making the transition at the same time and we understand that some people will want to continue creating accounts and using EduTech email for some time. There are three deadlines:

When We Stop Making Accounts


  • We will no longer allow creating of new EduTech accounts, including for purposes of @sendit email, on April 1, 2015. Your organization must begin using the new AD linked accounts by this time or you will not be able to receive services from EduTech.

When Existing Users Can No Longer Log In using their EduTech ID.

  • Existing EduTech Accounts, even ifthey have K 12 accounts already, may wish to log into @sendit email to examine old email, address books, etc… Note that if your @sendit email is forwarded, you may not log into it, but you could remove the forward. However after December 31, 2015 the @sendit mail will no longer be accessible, although your @sendit email will still be able to forward to your @kl 2 address.

When Mail Sent To @ sendit Addresses Stops Working

Existing @sendit email accounts can forward to @kl 2 addresses indefinitely and no decision has been made on when or even ifthat will be ever be terminated.

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