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Macbeth PRs
Seniors: Macbeth PRs Act 5 scene 1-3 will be due Monday, 3-30
English 4 Macbeth
Continuing Macbeth, we have to finish part 2 of Macbeth test Act IV.

Part 2 test can be found in Drop Box Senior file.

In a word document answer each question completely.

When finished, be sure it's PDF and drop in your Drop Box file just like you do with PR's. Label your test answer document: Macbeth IV Part 2.

Monday(3-23-20)-pick up your book and study guide at school from your locker.

This part 2 Macbeth Act 4 test is due in your Drop Box file by Wednesday night(3-25-20).

Eventually you will have access to Macbeth video.

It's imperative you do this work. To graduate you need a credit in English 4.

Some of you still owe me work. You know who you are. Get It In!!!

PR's will return but not for awhile.