Welcome to Mr. Syrstad’s Homepage

Hello there I’m Randall Syrstad and I’m in my third year at Milnor Public School.  Originally from Thompson, ND, I went to Concordia College receiving a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with an emphasis in social studies and a minor in coaching.  I was active throughout high school in baseball, football, and basketball.  I also was able to participate in baseball and football at Concordia College as well.  My day at Milnor consists of a wide range of students.  I have physical education kindergarden through 3rd grade and junior high with 7th and 8th grade math, and my afternoons are in the 4th grade classroom teaching the subjects of math and social studies.  Learning can be a new environment for some and can bring great joy to someone who needs a little lift in life.  There is nothing better then starting the day seeing the students ready in the hallways each morning at MPS.  I love being a part of the rich tradition in athletics at Milnor and coaching football and basketball after school and drive bus as well.

If there are any questions or concerns/comments you feel the need to contact me you can reach me by email at Randall.Syrstad@sendit.nodak.edu.