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PE Classes for 3/30-4/3
Finish Goose Chase Activities or log on "On the Move" sheets each week to earn points each day this week. If you play "Fitness Monopoly" keep track of amount of points (Be honest) and record or send my way.

Last Weeks video:

Get out and walk, bike, run, jog, roller blade (safely) around town and keep track or log the steps, feet, or miles you do on a phone or app.

On the Move Log/Activity Sheet:

Goose Chase Log for PE-Week 2
Mon 4/6-Sun 4/12
Play the Goose Chase game on the app or website located on the Goose Chase Log page on my website page with your certain team: K-6 Boys/Girls or JH boys and girls. These are best done on the phone app but can be done on another device. (School ipads may be tough to do so). You can do these as many times as you can I just have to add them to your teams score as you upload the video or GPS location for them. Enjoy and good luck!

Participant Instructions
Participants can join the game by following these simple steps:
1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
2. Choose to play as a guest, or register for a personal account with a username & password of your choice.
3. Search for and select the PE Week 1 game, or search by game code JW8V1B.
4. Follow the prompts to select or create their team. If the team has an access code, they will need to enter it here.

Password to enter certain team is MPS1

Fitness Monopoly
Here is another idea to try for the minutes to log on the log sheets for "On the Move":