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North Dakota Association of Honor Society
The NDAHS is sponsored by the ND Council of Educational Leaders. NDAHS follows the same guidelines as the national model.

Students are selected for membership based on the following qualities: leadership, character, service, and scholarship.

Current members of Milnor High School Chapter of NDAHS include: Alaina Gleason, Josh Martinson, Trey Lunneborg, and Isaac Nicolai.
These students have a lot planned for the upcoming year!

Miss Heiken is the NDAHS advisor.
Graduation Cords
Watch for students wearing graduation gowns adorn with these light blue cords to signify NDAHS membership.
2019 Induction Ceremony
Pledge of NDAHS
I accept membership into the North Dakota Association of Honor Society and pledge to uphold myself to the ideals to which I have been selected. I will be true to the principles for which this society is founded upon. I will be loyal to my school. I will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. I will display these qualities both in and out of the classroom to the best of my abilities.
Sexual Abuse Awareness
2018 New Members
2017 New Members
2018 Induction Ceremony
Pinwheels for Prevention
2016 New Members
Coffee with Kids
2015 New Members
2017 Induction Ceremony
2017 Induction Ceremony
2017 Induction Ceremony
2016 Induction Ceremony