National Honor Society

Adviser: Julie Kaspari


Current Members:

Briton Bussman
Brooke Tayer
Josh Weber
Lexi Koeppe


Requirements of National Honor Society Members

High academic standing, positive student leader, great example to younger students, fine school involvement – these are just a few of the qualities that a member of the Milnor National Honor Society must possess.

How does a high school student become eligible to be a NHS member at Milnor High School? That question is better answered with listing the measureable qualities:

1) Accumulate and maintain a 3.50 grade point average
2) Participate in numerous school activities
3) Have minimal discipline reports

Along with those qualities, there are also assets that are much more difficult to measure. Such as: positive attitude, fine reputation, positive conduct in the classroom, a person who doesn’t complain and takes a healthy stance on any and all issues.

There is no question that becoming a member of the National Honor Society is a very high honor, reserved for the very best. Students need to ask themselves, “Do I want to be a member of the NHS?” If the answer is ‘yes’, the next question needs to be, “Am I doing everything I need to do to reach that goal?” If you have questions or would like to see if you are eligible to apply, please see Mrs. Kaspari.


NHS Members in Action

Reading to Kindergarten during Reading Month
Pinwheels for Prevention Display for
Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month